Of all the things I’ve lost–I miss my mind the most. —Ozzy Osbourne

Welcome to the My Lost Mind site. Hopefully visitors will find more sanity here than the name suggests. For some it could even be too much sanity.

Actually the site’s name is derived from the idea (possibility?) that I have lost my mind. And in fact there are people who claim that it is true. The problem is that I dare to “think outside the box” as the saying goes. In many aspects of what people call politics I have left the realm of what most people believe. This in turn makes it hard for others to accept a lot of what I have come to believe.

My reasons for creating this site is shared in the article My Purpose. Please read it and hang out awhile. There’s a place at the bottom of all pages where visitors can sign up to receive notification when I post new articles. I am pretty erratic about that, so I don’t think anyone’s e-mail inbox will be flooded. Thank you for stopping by.